Customize Salesforce for Your Company's Unique Needs

Aria brings a wealth of knowledge to the contact center environment, and offers services to improve your Salesforce platform. Our Sales Cloud and Service Cloud offerings enable you to use these applications in ways that only you can identify, based on how your agents work in the real world:

  • Sales Cloud
    The Sales Cloud service enables sales agents to be more efficient, by building and customizing a console for your company’s specific needs.
  • Service Cloud
     The Service Cloud service enables contact center agents to solve customer problems quickly, offer multiple channels for communication, and personalize customer care.

Project Methodology

We use a unique methodology that takes the best of waterfall and agile approaches to ensure each project brings you exactly the functionality you need. It that allows Aria Solutions to consistently execute projects on time and under budget.

Most contact center solution providers use one of two common methods: the waterfall approach, which involves gathering requirements, building, testing, and deploying; or the agile approach, which is similar, but includes frequent opportunities for client feedback. Each of these approaches has advantages and disadvantages, but Aria’s methodology combines the two for optimal service delivery:

WaterfallAgileAria Solutions
Project SegmentsAllAllWaterfall approach to gather requirements, then agile during development phase
Timeframe for Large Projects7-8 months3-4 months5 months
Knowledge RetentionKnowledge can be lost after several months, and participants experience project fatigue.Knowledge is easily retained over a shorter timeframe. There is no project fatigue, but often no defined project end.Knowledge is easily retained over a shorter timeframe. There is no project fatigue, and the team maintains budget and scope control.
Requirement ConsistencyRequirements may change by the time the project is completed.Requirements rarely change within a short two-week sprint, but can grow out of control if unchecked.Requirements and scope remain consistent, and agile sprints allow for feedback modifications within the project.
Client FeedbackAt project startEvery 2 weeks (no defined end of project)At project start and every sprint
Using our unique blended approach, Aria methodically gathers requirements to start the project, then solicits frequent client feedback during the development phase. Our 20 years of experience has taught us that the user interface is key, and it must be developed through user experience. Clients know best what kind of user interface is needed to make their agents as efficient as possible, and Aria’s method offers them a frequent and intimate look at what their agents will be dealing with for months to come.