Companies that use Salesforce Sales Cloud understand the many benefits of this powerful platform. Yet, each team has its own processes that require platform customization. Aria Solutions has 20 years of contact center experience that it uses to build a better console for sales agents. We can help make the transition to more efficient operations, as in the following scenarios:

Scenario 1Scenario 2Scenario 3Scenario 4

Sales agents using paper and pen to take notes, then putting the customer on hold while they find the data they need.

Agents should have more immediate access all the information they need for the sales process.

Sales agents scrolling through multiple screens and tabs to proceed with a sale.

Agent screens should take maximum advantage of screen real estate and enable agents to work as quickly as possible.

Sales agents acting independently with no understanding of what the sales team is doing as a whole, or where each prospect is in the sales lifecycle.

Agents should be able to generate reports showing what’s in the funnel, what’s coming up, and what’s likely to close in the next month.

Service agents having no access to information from the sales processes.

Service agents should have an intuitive way to handle the first service call with access to such customer information as contact numbers, initial purchases, and licenses.

Sales managers should be thinking not just about what agents are expected to do today, but what they will need to do in the coming years. In a highly customizable process, Aria Solutions can help you think through various scenarios and come up with the best solutions to serve your company’s needs over time.