So you’ve invested in Salesforce, you have a smooth sales process in place, and you’ve enhanced it by integrating Aria’s Service Cloud Console.  Your customers are increasingly happy and loyal, thanks to your contact center’s ability to use sales information to deliver seamless customer care. But:

  • Not all customers, especially millennials, are comfortable with traditional phone-based interactions. They’re looking for multiple choices, including text, mobile, visual, and social options.
  • Your valuable customers may feel out of sync with the service process if you don’t offer an omni-channel experience.
  • When your customers are on your website they may have simple questions. Quick answers enforce the fact that your company is easy to do business with and they can turn to you to resolve their problems.

Digital interaction channels can be a win-win because customers want them, and companies can implement them at a lower cost than a phone-only approach.

Aria’s Omni Package enables you to continue using the information you’ve collected with Salesforce during the sales process to deliver seamless customer care — but, with the benefit of the added channels that customers increasingly want. Interactions that use a non-voice communication channel require some of the same care required by your voice channel:

  • The ability to measure and manage service level (how many interactions are answered within a set period of time)
  • The ability to determine how many interactions are waiting to be answered, sitting in queues, or assigned to agents without being answered. You need to know whether your backlog is growing each day, or whether you’re able to handle all the interactions you get and meet customer expectations.
  • The ability to know how long it takes your service team to respond to and resolve a customer’s issue.
  • The ability to manage a large number of questions about a single item with clearer communication in the sales process, to completely eliminate the need for that interaction.

These examples represent just a few of the operation metrics that make managing your Salesforce Omni-Channel easier. Aria’s approach can get you on the path to continuous improvement and enable you to set a higher standard for customer service.


Say you’re an HVAC company that has just installed an air conditioning system for Bill Jones. Bill is used to communicating via text, and, when he realizes there’s a problem with his new system, he immediately looks for a texting option to contact you. During the text interaction, Bill discovers you also have a customer service app, which he downloads and begins using. With Omni Package, you have all the information you need to assist Bill on both of these channels without missing a beat, and you easily schedule maintenance on his air conditioning system. The interactions took up less agent time than a phone call would, and enabled Bill to communicate in ways that are most comfortable for him.

Omni Package helps you make the most of the Salesforce platform to meet customers where they are.