Today’s technology and best practices allow many companies to offer superior post-sale service. That’s good for them and their customers, but — as the competition — it may not be good for you. To stand out you must think about what other providers may not be offering.

Fortunately, if you’re using Salesforce, you’re already partway there.

  • Salesforce is already the industry leader in supporting your sales team and ensuring sales processes are management mapped and reported
  • This same information is critical to the service experience and can be used during the post-sale period to give customers a seamless and effortless service experience


Say you’re a window installation company, and you’ve installed windows for Jane Smith. Jane calls in to say there’s fog in one of her windows. Her ideal case scenario is to get someone to come out and repair the window within the next week. Instead of asking Jane to provide information about the installation — such as when it occurred, and whether or not she purchased an extended warranty (information she may not have handy) — you can say, “I see you made your purchase on August 28th and you’re still within the warranty period. We have a service representative who can be in your area on Tuesday at 10:00.” Now Jane has her problem solved effortlessly. Your company has become easier to do business with and your net promoter score starts to rise. 

Aria Solutions’ Service Cloud Console makes this level of service possible by creating a bridge from the information you already have on the sales side to the deployment you need on the service side. Our implementation team will install a pre-designed console that makes it easy for you to configure and utilize data elements. Our 20 years of experience in designing contact center solutions has given us the knowledge to help you customize the console to your specific needs, and gain a competitive edge.